The greatest step for my bright future

The greatest step for my bright future

Teo from Georgia , Winter Semester 2018/2019

Hi there,

I am Teo from Tbilisi, Georgia and I would like to share my experience gained in Germany.It was always my dream to study and live in Germany and my dream came true.

In this semester I had the chance to study and work at RAC. It helped me to get more open-minded and flexible to different situations.

The main point why I am happy for my semester abroad is the friendship which I made with my group-mates that will last forever.

I had the plan about what I wanted to gain from this semester and I think that I did my best, got as much as I could. I started studying a new language, had the possibility to be the head of the departments, (I was always interested in public relations and social events management) got more independent, studied how to manage time, learned how to plan not only a week but also months and years in advance, met people from many different countries and the cultural backgrounds, visited many places, got used to totally new life-style, studied many different, interesting subjects, got more punctual, explored my weaknesses and started to make them my strengths, tried to leave the comfort zone and to be easy going in every situation.

I think that it was the period of my life, which I will always miss. I am happy for my time spent in Germany, I am more than sure that this experience will be the greatest step for my bright future and career.