Making Friends is Over-Easy!

Making Friends is Over-Easy!

Omar from Spain, Winter Semester 2016/17

Hello, I am Omar Sotillo, Erasmus student from Spain in RheinAhrCampus. It's been 4 months since I started this Journey in Remagen, and I could not have thought it to be better

Coming a little biased by the last Spanish student I tried to keep myself without expectations about Remagen. But I have to admit, that being in Remagen, a small village of Germany, I was a little afraid of what the future here could be.

Since the start I knew it was going to be more or less easy to get friends here since we come here in the loneliness buttt... it was over-easy. With the great labor of the Sprachen/Internationales Team with several activities it was a matter of weeks that I could start feeling like at home with friends.

It was great going to the Drachenberg, to the Wine Festival of Remagen, visiting beautiful villages along the Rhine, little trips that between students... etc. make us a small family in the good and bad points of the word!

Carnival! That day was incredible. We had the opportunity to live it and it was by far better than expected. People here take the costumes really really seriously though! They looked professional!

Also, the Christmas markets were a great experience where I could do for the first time in my life ice-skating. I don't know if I was falling a lot because my balance is awful or because the Glühwein/weiße Schokolade mit Bailey’s buuuut never mind that is not the point haha!

Also being in the center of Europe allows you to travel really easily around so I had the opportunity to travel to Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria and that only in 4 months! These are the experiences that make you grow a lot and know more about yourself!

Not only other countries but each city I have visited in Germany has their details that make you love it: Heidelberg, that awesome castle; Frankfurt, the economical city; Cologne, house of the Three Wise Men; Aachen, and its musical Cathedral; Münster, the three cages on the tower...etc.

But mostly every moment I have had in Germany has been unique and special, but there is a saying that say that it is the people, not the place, no? I freaking agree with that.

The big point of coming to Remagen, being a small and beautiful village, is how friendly and joyful everyone is in this city! Also the fact that it is a cosy town makes everyone closer and with the semester ticket it is effortless travelling as much as you want.

Thanks everyone who took part in my semester