It was Destiny

It was Destiny

Zrinka from Croatia, Winter Semester 2014/15

Hallo Zusammen

I'm an Erasmus+ student in RheinAhrCampus, studing Ma in Communications in Yaşar University in Izmir, Turkey but coming from Zagreb, Croatia.

Refering to the winter semeter of 2014/15 I spent in RheinAhrCampus I would love to share a few experiences:

1. German Way of Planning

Several months before coming to Germany (several months !!! ) I was (and we all were) extremely lucky to have Mrs. Korpp to assist with organisation of my (our) arrival and accomodation. The professionalism, the concern shown and the way Mrs. Korpp did her work left nothing else than to respect her effort in organising our arrival and providing all detail information about our studying and staying.This kind of approach made me feel very welcomed.

2. The Dorm

This is my first dorm experience ever, even though I have been studying previously for four years in Croatia and one year of Master in Izmir. The dorm is next to the campus, privacy is secured whereas friends leave just the next door. It was so easy to meet with each other. We would have dinners together in the common room more than regularly. I strongly encourage all newcomers to RheinAhrCampus to live in the dorm.

3.Dr. Borgmann, Sprachen / Internationales

For Sprachen / Internationales each and every person is important. Rashimah, Barbara and Andreas would always assist us kindly and help us with all the details whatsoever.

Laurence, thank you for eye-opening moments in your class and lectures through personalized examples. All international students – higly recomendable - do attend Laurence's class Intercultural communication.

4. Dr. Anna Potter

We were lucky to have Dr. Potter lecturing Small Screen Big Business: Media and Communications Industries. Dr. Potter was in RAC for one semester as a guest lecturer, coming all over from University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Dr. Potter, thank you for putting my way of seeing things on a new level.

5. International Students at RheinAhrCampus (RAC)

At the first moment you might think that having a small group of newcomers is a disadvantage, but it is far from that. Having a small group of international exchange and an Erasmus+ students is a great advantage. Why so? You can get to know other students closely and you make true friendships. We would all help each other in many ways in everyday things plus party together. We became a true little lively family.

Having an Experience of Your Lifetime

People coming from different countries and different cultures are like flowers of different types and colours. Imagine that each one of your new international friends makes your bouquet so much more colorful and astonishing. That's how it is to meet Aya and Zina from Jordan, Javier from Spain, Anita from Switzerland, Laura from Australia and Yonatan from Eritrea.

7. German Friends

In just a few months I had have a chance to meet so many German people and to establish many new friendships. What I have noticed and what is common to each one of my German friends is; politenes, respect to others' wishes, respect to others' space and time, helpfulness and a positive attitude. I love all of those characteristics.

And last but not the least. How can I put my Erasmus+ experience on RAC into five words?

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