Blown Away by the Region

Blown Away by the Region

Katrine from Denmark, Winter Semester 2016/17

When I arrived to Remagen I was blown away by the nature and landscape that are surrounding the Rhine. For me it was a huge difference compared to very flat Denmark. I made a pact with myself that I will experience this nature.

Through my new relations I was so lucky to get invited to a wine-walk in Ahrweiler, a little city a few minutes from Remagen by train. I did not know what to bring or how to behave towards my new German friends and their friends in this event. They have done it before and seemed very professional with their wineglass around their necks, I was afraid to make an idiot out of myself because I did not bring a glass.

The weather was perfect: 25 degrees and blue sky. After fifteen minutes I forgot about the wine glass and that I was new, the people whom we were walking with were so friendly to me, we were laughing, drinking wine, and snacking on cheese, grapes and biscuits on the way. We were walking along side other people who were also doing a wine walk in the same spirit as us.

I knew that I was in Germany but the nature looked like France (sorry Germans). My stereotyping of the German nature was gone from that day; I will call the Ahr Valley the German Provence.

Something that surprised me was the pride for the wine that they produce. I had no clue that the region was famous of their wine, and that also made sense of the wine walk in Ahrweiler and wine festival in Remagen city. I know that I am no wine expert, but in my opinion the wine is worth trying.

One question I got that day and many times more during my exchange at RheinAhrCampus was “Why did you choose Remagen?” My answer that day was “take a look around you” and it was difficult to not agree.