Brazilian Intern in Germany

Brazilian Intern in Germany

Anderson from Brazil, Winter Semester 2015/16

Before arriving in Germany I was really afraid because I didn’t know how to speak German and I thought people would be anti-social. My experience in Germany was the opposite! Ok, I had some problems with English, but in general I could understand people quite well. Here in RheinAhrCampus I made good friends that tried to make me feel as much at home as possible.

Even though I spent a lot of time working with the Sprachen/Internationales team as an intern, I had some experiences that I’ll never forget. Let me say something about some of them:

The first experience happened just after leaving the plane. The cold was a big difference from where I live. In my city we usually have 30ºC or more the entire year, and for me, to fight against the cold and to be tough enough to walk outside just for walking was really hard. And later, in January I saw for the first time snow, it was not a lot of snow, but was enough to play snowball with my friends.

The second thing was the river. In the first three weeks everyone was talking about the history of it and about the bridge that was destroyed in the Second World War. That place is wonderful for walking, sitting and drink coffee, but once as it was getting colder, I was going there more rarely.

But, the cold was not strong enough to keep me from travelling. I travelled a lot to Bonn, Köln and Koblenz, visiting different places every time I was there. I travelled to other countries too. I spent the last day of 2015 in Paris, and my New Year in Disneyland. That was really amazing!

If I continued with every single experience I had here in Germany, I would write a book (not kidding), so, I think it is better to say that I’m glad for this opportunity to be in this internship with wonderful people around me. Thanks so much Team Sprachen/Internationales, especially to Dr. Laurence Borgmann and Rashimah for being the amazing people that you are.

I’ll miss this all.