proud of all that I have achieved

... proud of all that I have achieved (Internship at RheinAhrCampus)

Emma Cuevas Saunders from Spain, Summer Semester 2008

Personally, I think just studying abroad is not enough, it is also important to gain practical experience in your specific field, and the best way for me has been to do an internship at RheinAhrCampus. It all began when I came to Germany as an Erasmus student in the winter semester 2007 and I liked it so much that I wanted to stay longer and immerse myself in the German culture. And then I was offered a great opportunity, an internship in Languages/International Affairsfor my second semester.

I knew that accepting the internship was going to be a challenge because of my limited German, the different working-styles, the different culture, and all the new office procedures I would have to learn to do my job. And I also knew that this was a great opportunity that I just couldn't let pass.

This experience pushed me in ways I couldn't predict. I have learned so much that when I was asked to explain what I have done during the internship it is difficult for me to explain it all: 

  • It allowed me to experience the German culture, which is different from the Spanish one,
  • I have learned the differences in working styles, 
  • I have improved my self-organization skills as well as become confident working in another country using another language, 
  • My computer skills have improved and I have learned how to use digital learning platforms and how to create podcasts, 
  • I have learned teaching skills and team work, 
  • I have participated in European projects based on mobile learning.

and the list goes on.

After reading through my list again I noticed that I can classify what I have learned in two categories: my specific work and also useful cultural knowledge. And this is what my internship was all about!

I have enjoyed every moment of it, the friendly environment at work, the helpful colleagues, the methodical way of working, the experience that I have gained learning new skills. I'm very grateful and I give thanks to all who made my stay possible, it is one of the best experiences I have had in my life, both, on a personal and professional level. I took the right decision and I can only encourage you to do the same!

My advice to anyone who is looking for an internship at RheinAhrCampus is that they try the experience, as opportunity seldom knocks twice! I'm certainly proud of all that I have achieved, and you will feel the same if you take that step!