RheinAhrCampus - a New Feeling

RheinAhrCAmpus - a New Feeling

Andre from Spain, Winter Semester 2010/2011

Studying at RAC is not just going to the campus and attending to classes. Within a few days you meet people and then you realize that everyone in this place knows each other and are friends, so that when you been have been here a bit longer, you have the feeling of being at home with a family.

Everyone knows everyone; everyone will lend a hand if you ask. This feeling is very nice because for people like us who come from abroad without knowing the campus and without much notion of language, being welcomed in this "family” makes it a much more pleasant stay.

Furthermore, in the classroom you receive a very personal touch as a student, not as in other universities where you're just a number.

I have seen it in person how it affects your feelings: I went to a leaving party of students in their last semester and saw how sad they were to leave this place. So I say that RAC is not only a university, but once you have been here, it’s something that is part of you.

I sincerely hope to come back another time here.