A New Person

A New Person

Ye Eun from Korea, Winter Semester 2017/18

The time I spent in Remagen over the past four months is brilliant and precious time for me. It was a very big chance for me to come to Germany.

Being an exchange student at RheinAhrCampus changed me a lot. It was a completely different environment. I was able to notice a totally different myself. I could enjoy walking, asking a lot of philosophical questions myself about me and others, thinking about my future. I had also enough time to reestablish values and priorities of my life in Korea. I had an opportunity to see things that I had not seen in Korea.

It seems that I became a global person by interacting with German friends and other exchange students from all over the world. Certainly, the cultural differences between the East and the West were big, so there was an embarrassment and surprise coming from the difference. But I got used to these differences and could handle them soon. This is something that we do not know unless you experience it on your own, so I think it is a great chance for me to be able to learn more about different cultures by communicating with international friends from various countries.

The courses, that I was taking here, at RheinAhrCampus, were also very informative and useful for me. The courses I took here were very participatory and interactive, which allowed me to focus more on classes and to be more interested. These courses let me understand others’ thoughts. I was able to have a broader perspective because I could listen to others’ opinions from different cultural backgrounds.

I was able to grow a lot because I was an exchange student in Remagen. In an entirely new environment, taking classes in an unfamiliar way, with people from other cultural backgrounds I have never met before, is the unique experience. I could discover new side of myself.