My Adventurous Experience in Remagen!

Khanim from Azerbaijan, Summer Semester 2019

Hello everyone, I am Khanim Gasimova and from Baku, Azerbaijan. I have spent my summer semester in RheinAhrCampus in Remagen which was my last semester at my home university as a master student. I have enjoyed every single minute of my life on campus and in Remagen, Bonn and Cologne (the most). After spending 6 years in a very noisy and lively city – Baku, Remagen was really silent, peaceful and heavenly! You can enjoy nature in every step. It is a lot of green here! I have been on an Erasmus training before for 2 weeks, but living a total intercultural environment for 5 months was really different and adventurous. Almost everyone in this country speaks English, which makes everything double easier. Unless the stereotypes I have heard about the German people, they are so positive, helpful and easygoing. And yes, they love being and they are punctual. This experience was everything. I loved all classes I took here, especially, guest lecturers were the best because it is a great opportunity to have classes from American, Azerbaijani, Georgian, etc lecturers while you are an incoming student in Germany. The whole system was very different from my home university. There are lots of online platforms like OLAT and Moodle, for classes you take which make it easier and attainable to access all the materials for you. As an intern, I have also experienced being a course assistant and managing the teaching platform Moodle and writing summaries. The location is the best for traveling the whole Europe.