My Amazing Experience In Remagen!

My Amazing Experience In Remagen!

Sara from Jordan, Summer Semester 2017

Hi, I´m Sara, an exchange student at RheinAhrCampus from Jordan. When I first found out I will be going to Remagen, I was scared because I could not find any pictures of it on the Google, but when I asked the students who previously had their exchange semester there, they all said that Remagen is not a bad place as I'm imagining and they are really enjoying it. Remagen is small yes but it has everything you need; bakery, supermarkets, shops, restaurants near the Rhine River, and more than one ice cream place. And the semester ticket was a huge plus because you can easily go to Bonn, Cologne or Koblenz for free.

I had courses in both German and English, and all the professors were very helpful and considerate because my German was not very good. I also had a very flexible schedule, which meant I could travel a lot without missing many classes. The university also organizes events where you have the chance to meet the German and international students.

I'm really glad to have spent this semester in Remagen, I will miss the time I spent here and everyone I have met.

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