A Decision that Changed My Life

A Decision that Changed My Life

Lucy from Australia, Winter Semester 2010/2011

Guten Tag!

The last six months at RheinAhrCampus really have been a whirlwind of new experiences, adventures, challenges and making new friends.

The opportunity to study in Germany, and especially at RheinAhrCampus, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only am I benefiting my studies but I am doing something that is completely outside my comfort zone!

Even though Remagen is not the most happening city in Germany, Germany as a whole is in the heart of Europe. And since this is my first time to Europe, studying in Germany allowed me a whole lot of travel opportunities at my fingertips. Some of my destinations include: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Paris, London, Prague, Amsterdam, the Greek Islands and Budapest!

Studying at RheinAhrCampus hasn’t been all easy though, as the German language is hard to master. I still classify myself as a beginner as I am only taking one class a week. But I am proud to say that although I can't speak very fast or formulate quick responses, I can understand most conversations by picking out key words.

When applying for a semester abroad I never thought the decision would completely change my life – but it has. Not only did I move halfway across the world, but my life moved with me. Living here in Remagen now has become my new life… I have new classes, new friends, a new language and a new way of living.

And because I’m just loving Remagen and RheinAhrCampus so much… I just had to enrol for a second semester!

Auf Wiedersehen,
Lucy Warren