Amazing Erasmus Experience

Amazing Erasmus Experience

Gytis from Lithuania, Winter Semester 2016/17

First off, I would like to say that the given opportunity to study abroad with the Erasmus+ program is amazing. And I am really happy that I took this chance to explore the world and learn a lot not only by studying in a German university, but also by travelling and integrating in a different society. Here in Germany I had the chance to see a lot of new and different cultures, because back in Lithuania we do not really have such a vast and multicultural society, although we are tolerant to other cultures. Also I had a lot of different courses in which we dug deeper into the understanding and appreciating the differences between cultures.

Another great thing is that I had a lot of freedom as a student, and I was capable of travelling around Germany and its bordering countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and so on. Travelling is one of my favorite hobbies and having the opportunity to see so many different places with lots of historical monuments, different cultures and traditions, was very exciting for me. I was always very fond of Germany, it looked to me as an amazing country with castles and palaces straight out of a Disney movie. Now I can say that even though not everything is perfect here as in any other place, it is still one of my favorite countries not only for the beer, which is the best in the world, but also for its diversity and great history.

And when I was not travelling or making new friends, I was studying in a very modern and sophisticated university, which is HS Koblenz. I really loved how most of the classes that I took part in were very interactive, and the theoretical parts were always put to test in practice. That made most of the classes interesting. One thing that was a bit different from what I was used to was group work, which gives you the opportunity to do a presentation or write a paper with the help of your colleagues, almost every class had at least one assignment that had to be done by a group. Although I was not used to this type of learning I found it pretty interesting and a good concept to not only make a better assignment, but to also get some teamwork experience which is very crucial in modern working environments. I also made new friends in my group projects, more or less I was very lucky, because most of the people that I had assignments with were very communicative and capable of doing their work on time.

Lastly, I think that everyone should consider having at least a semester abroad. I believe that it had helped me learn a lot of new things and it expanded my point of view and changed my mindset. I am very grateful for this opportunity, which led me to be a more diverse and universal person. I hope that my journey does not end here and maybe a few years later I will come back here for a practice semester.