It Was Worth It

It Was Worth It

Enjei from Syria, Winter Semester 2016/17

Now I come to the end of this semester and to write the report. I did not think that the time will pass so quickly and I still remember the first day as if it was yesterday.I guess this reflects the fun and the pleasurable time that I spent this semester.

My name is Enjei Jafar and I am studying biomedical engineering in the German Jordanian University. Before I came to Remagen, the fact that all my subjects during the semester were going to be in German concerned me. What if I did not understand any word from the lectures, What if the students were not friendly and I couldn't ask them for help....... But from the first lecture I changed all my views; Professors were super nice even when you ask them in English they would understand our situation. Not only the professors but also the students were friendly and very helpful especially during the exams.

What I was not expecting to see is the variety of students' nationalities. Although Remagen is a small town and I did not expect it to be this diverse. For me walking near the river and just relaxing in the silence were more than enough to let me forget how small it is. Also by having your student card in your hand you can go out of this silence and go to Cologne to celebrate carnivals and have some unforgettable time with amazing international students.

Maybe I did not travel during this semester a lot around Europe but I am very happy that I went to Italy in New Year. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to see Italy. It was a dream for me..... And even though I gained a lot of weight but it was all worth it.