Dream come true!

Swaethaa from India, Winter Semester 2020/2021

I remember the first day, I came to know about the exchange program and there I started dreaming

about it. I also started my research and learnings from then on. And I achieved,

Yes, I got accepted to RAC, as an exchange student from India in 2020. I am proud that I was one among the first set of students flying to Germany from Pondicherry University. It was probably the most exciting, yet the most prestigious thing that I had ever done in my life. I got on the plane on September 19, 2020 with much excitement and dream.

Of course, traveling in times of the pandemic was very difficult but the experience and the knowledge which I gained was worth everything. The semester at RheinAhrCampus was the best part of my life. In these six months I was able to know about my own abilities and weaknesses. Experiencing different cultures, new foods, made lifelong friends, learned to understand many accents that sound like a whole other language and most importantly learned to be independent.

Initially, I thought culture is just about languages, food, geography but after attending the class, Intercultural Communication I have a whole new perception about culture, habits and people and the learning that I am taking back, I would cherish for my lifetime. It was a big opportunity for me to unlearn the things which I have learned and perceived for years and years.

As my areas of specializations are Human Resource Management and Marketing, I used this opportunity to showcase myself in a better way as through an employer's eyes, being a student who has studied abroad, I would say I am independent, self-motivated, open to challenges, and will be able to cope with diverse situations.

Flying abroad for the first time thought me many things and I believe this has moulded me into a totally new and better person. I would strongly ask every student to take up this opportunity because this is where we put our heart and soul in everything we do and I swear you will find visible good changes in you. It is cent percent worth every amount and effort that I have put into this program.

Danke Schön!