Exchange semester or forever home?

Ghaida from Jordan, Summer Semester 2023

Hello Readers!

My name is Ghaida, I am from Jordan, and I want to share with you my experiences staying here in RAC. This is my first time leaving my country for this long but doing my exchange semester in RAC, Remagen was one of the most exciting things I have done in my life. I was given the opportunity to study in a motivational and friendly environment here as well as being surrounded by amazing people from all over the world! During my time in RAC, I took various classes, whether it is a language course to strengthen my German or classes related to my Logistics Major. As challenging as that was, I would not have done it anywhere else. Amazing environment and great engagement. My professors were knowledgeable and always wanted to share their knowledge with us, which allowed me to gain new information every day.  I also participated in the Language Tandem Program which allowed me to meet and become friends with a German student that not only helps me with the language but also always has great recommendations on where to go for a day out.

One of the aspects that brought me pure joy during my exchange semester was the chance to meet amazing people whom I now call friends and have the chance to travel with them and share very memorable moments with them. It was amazing to get to know more about their backgrounds, cultures, and their experiences as exchange students.  Another important aspect was learning how to be fully independent and responsible. I cleaned my apartment, cooked every day, budgeted, took care of finances, and did a lot of” adult paperwork” that I thought I had to be at least 25 to do (I am 21). I realized that freedom was always accompanied by responsibility, and it was difficult to choose what to focus on but with time came the realization that I can do both. Although all of this started as a roller-coaster, I have gained new skills that help me prioritize and plan which are skills that benefit me forever. Lastly, I thought I would not like my life in Remagen because it is a small city, but the fact is that living there was peaceful and calming. It has a great river, great weather, and gives off great comfort.

To conclude, RAC enabled me to have a treasurable and amazing experience, always surrounded by people who made me feel at home. It helped me discover who I really am and what I am capable of. I realized that I am capable of building a life for myself away from home and I would not hesitate to stay in Germany. RAC will always be my first and only recommendation to anyone who wants to do an exchange semester and I am glad that my first time living and being in Germany was in Remagen and RAC.