City full of Intercultural Atmosphere

City full of Intercultural Atmosphere

Jungmo from South Korea, Summer Semester 2019

Among numerous universities for an exchange semester, Hochschule Koblenz RheinAhrCampus was the best choice for a student willing to travel a lot. Yes, I chose RheinAhrCampus to travel. 3 Airports near Remagen – Such a great opportunity for a future traveler!

However, more than traveling, it was learning that RheinAhrCampus gave me. I learned with my friends and through my friends.

A semester in RheinAhrCampus, Remagen changed my perception to see the world. It taught me the perspective and attitudes in meeting and interacting with people. I learned my working style that allowed me to objectively understand and learn about myself. I realized how wide the world is and set up a new goal to internationalize my study. It is not hard to say RheinAhrCampus opened up a new chance.

It took agony. I sometimes fought with my friend due to different working styles and opinions and even cried in the midnight realizing painful aspects of myself that stresses me out. Definitely, living and studying in Remagen was not easy. However, that difficulty grew me up. It told me to try out new things and fight and speak myself up loudly for things I believe right. It raised me to be a better person with more open-minded attitudes.

Remagen is a small city. But it can never be small to learn something new and meaningful. For me, I would say Remagen is not just a city among many in Germany but rather a city full of intercultural atmosphere. It opened my eyes. And I would say that it will open yours too.