Erasmus Changed My Life

Erasmus Changed My Life

Ana from Portugal, Winter Semester 2015/16

Erasmus really changed my life, it brought me so many experiences that I’ll never forget. Erasmus isn’t just about studying in another country, it’s about meeting new people, trying new food, learning new traditions, etc. In the beginning everyone was a little bit shy and nervous with this new kind of life, but in a couple weeks everyone felt comfortable with themselves and we were already hanging out together as a group.

Regarding Remagen itself, I would prefer living in a bigger city, but after a while I kind of enjoyed living in this rustic and beautiful town, and having the student card helped a lot because, we were able to travel for free to many cities and it was definitely a bonus!

The best thing about Erasmus, and this experience in particular, was definitely knowing all these incredible people from other countries.  I feel now that I’m a person who is more accomplished, as I learned so many things about Brazil, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Finland, Lithuania and Spain.

I felt that every time I had a problem, someone in the campus was there to help me, so I think the Sprachen/Internationales office was very helpful. I can’t really complain about the Germans in general, because I was always treated with respect. I also think that all the courses were targeted to make a person more “international” - a person more aware of the different international customs. I believe that I’ll leave RheinAhrCampus with more knowledge about several topics. All the teachers were very helpful, and they always tried to create interesting and dynamic classes and were always concerned if we had enough materials for studying or not.

I already liked Germany but now I definitely want to come back whenever I can to this beautiful country, full with history and beautiful traditions.

My Erasmus experience is already finishing, and I feel it’s so weird, because I got used to living here and going out with the others International students. Going back to Portugal to my “normal life” made me realized that I’m a changed person, and I know that it’s not really a goodbye but a “see you later!”. Maybe this group of International students won’t be together as of now, but I know that we’ll keep in touch.