Time Flies ...

Time Flies ...

Hearim from Korea, Summer Semester 2017

I cannot believe it is time to go home. The last semester at RheinAhrCampus was full of Challenges, new experience and meeting new culture.

Remagen is a very beautiful town. I have never seen such a peaceful town like Remagen. I fell in love with this town. There is river nearby the campus, and sky is full of stars. At student Dormitory, you can have your own room with a kitchen and bathroom.

I took all course in English, and I have learned a lot. E-business class is unfamiliar to me at first because my major in Korea is Journalism. However Professors really tried to help me. They came to me and explained very friendly one by one. Classes were practical so you can use the knowledge gained from classes in your future life.

Also Germany is located at the heart of Europe. So studying in Remagen allowed me a lot of travel opportunities. I went to Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Porto, Brussel, Brugge and Amsterdam during the semester. There are cologne/Bonn Airport and Düsseldorf Airport nearby Remagen. Also you can use the Bus station in Bonn to travel around. I could travel with very cheap price from here.

My experience studying in Germany has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. This new world, which is completely different from my Korean-life, makes me stronger. Lastly, I want to say thanks to Sprachen/Internationales team. They are very friendly and always try to help us. This semester was wonderful. I cannot forget this nice experience.