An experience that broadened my perspective

Hyoin from South Korea, Summer Semester 2022

Hi, I am Hyoin from South Korea.

I have never lived away from my family even in Korea. It was a challenge for me to stay away from my family and stay for a semester in Germany, far from Korea. On March 24, I arrived in Germany by flight for 14 hours. Before I arrived in Germany, I was very nervous and worried. However, the new environment came to me with excitement. Everything new was interesting and enjoyable, from arranging dorm rooms to talking to other international students. In particular, Remagen gave me comfort because it was a quiet and cosy village that was completely different from where I lived.

The lecture at RAC was completely different from the class I took in Korea, so it took some time to adapt. The goal of classes in Korea is to focus on the contents of the professor's class and study it to get good grades on the test. Although there is also time to share opinions and discuss, it does not take up most of the class. Therefore, it felt unfamiliar to actively raise my hand and present my opinion. Moreover, for me, who had only taken university classes online for two years due to COVID-19, the dynamic atmosphere of RAC was very new.

It was also good to talk and do various activities with international students from different countries. It was a very happy experience to go to the Rhine River and talk leisurely with students during the week and watch a movie together. If there’s a birthday friend, we can throw a party. We went to a special place in Koblenz or Bonn, or participate in the event.

And I can't talk about travelling without sharing my exchange student story. I travelled to various countries in Europe on holidays. France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and many other cities in Germany, I could travel to various countries and experience the country's unique buildings and history firsthand. The beautiful night view, the blue sea, and the huge cathedral appearance will be a memory that will never be forgotten.

To conclude, I would like to tell the other exchange students who come to RAC later that one semester abroad was a choice I would not regret. I would not have met if I were only in Korea would be my precious asset. And I think that all the choices and challenges that you make in a new place, Germany, apart from your comfort zone, will remain a good memory in your future life.