One fulfilling experience

Vasiliki from Greece, Summer Semester 2023

Greetings, everyone! Allow me to share my educational experience as an exchange student from Patra’s University (Greece) to a semester in a peaceful and beautiful Remagen. I was born and raised in Athens and for four years now I have been studying Business administration in Patra (3rd biggest town in Greece). My time in Germany provided me with a unique and eye-opened perspective.
Before taking part in the exchange semester, I was thinking about all the possibilities and how changing environment will affect and change one person. My emotions were mixed, I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone and my loved ones but on the other hand, I was so curious to see what is going to happen if…One of the biggest motives was that something inside me wanted a change and to try new adventures.

It was 10 of March when I reached Germany for the first time in my whole life. I was nervous in the beginning and a little bit scared. It was a big change for me to go to a whole different country alone. Then I met Teona, Sonam and Selsela. Their help and the information I got were so detailed that all my doubts disappeared at once. Happily seeing all these new people and how friendly and helpful they were I got a cultural shock but as the days passed and despite our differences, we all came along. Our need to be heard and to communicate showed us the way.
Studying and learning how a new educational system works taught me many different aspects of myself. At RAC are many interactive classes, where professors give the opportunity to students to express themselves and learn to make good presentations and participate in group projects. One of the most different classes I have ever attended was: ‘’Celebrities and their troubles with Law’, which really surprised me. It was a very interesting class in which we learned about some big celebrities, like ‘’Britney Spears’’ and the problems she had becoming a celebrity. Moreover, this summer semester became more interesting, when I learned that we could enjoy many activities, such as beach volley and swimming in the swimming pool, which of course I took advantage of.

One of the most enriching parts of staying in Germany was my privilege to travel to many different countries. Due to the location of RAC, I had the opportunity to visit many countries around Germany.  The pictures I have captured with my mind of all the new places I have seen, make me feel happy and fulfilled. I made a photo album with all the memories from this semester, which I will share with my friends, as soon as I return.
Overall, Erasmus’s experience surely was worth it. I recommend it to everyone who wants to challenge themselves and become a better version of themselves. I really did!! It was an open-minded experience and has really affected me in a positive way.