Bombarded with Kindness

Bombarded with Kindness

Arwa from Jordan, Summer Semester 2016

I’ve been looking forward to my year abroad ever since I first enrolled in the German Jordanian University. We knew beforehand we will be leaving to Germany for a year. Normally, you start building your expectations of how your life is going to be. I can honestly say it’s not what I expected it to be, but in a good way. I have gotten to know myself a lot more, I had to rely and depend on myself, not by choice but still did. I realized that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. Well, I did break my fear of riding roller coasters, okay not break it, but at least I went on one, never again.

Now onto the part that made my first semester a memorable one. It’s the people, no matter where you are if the company is good then you’ll have a good time. Well in my case the company was GREAT, it was WONDERRFUL, from the professors to the students, which in return made my stay in Remagen a wonderful stay. Just thinking of them makes me smile from ear to ear I cannot believe I’m writing this knowing I’m going to leave that part behind. From the first day my friends and I visited the campus we were welcomed and bombarded with kindness, and now we’re leaving and the kindness hasn’t stopped for a moment.

To top it off, the IBS events were the cherry on top, the 2 way exchange program gave me the family gathering sense that was very much needed in Ramadan. The bicycle workshop gave me a chance to get down and dirty, I didn’t and I still don’t know how to fix bikes, however I got the chance to rip the bikes apart and give the spare parts to someone who can put them to use. I really am sad to think this part is now over. But I’m looking forward and I’m excited to welcome all the friends and family I’ve made here back home, and show them where I come from. And show them the same hospitality everyone in RheinAhr campus has shown us.

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