Language teaching plays a crucial role in qualifying students for today's global business environment. For this reason, all the degree programmes offered at RheinAhrCampus provide the students with excellent opportunities of boosting their linguistic competencies and their intercultural awareness. Modern teaching methods, interactive learning environments and up-to-date teaching technology are some of the characteristics of the international modules offered at RheinAhrCampus Remagen. Please consult our curriculum for further details.

All of our courses are designed to help our students meet the needs of their future employers - but they are also meant to encourage our students to internationalise their studies by realising their academic mobility projects. Most of our courses contain components which provide strategic guidance for the preparation for study abroad semesters or international internships - ranging from sessions on International Career Planning to CV Writing Workshops and sessions on intercultural issues in the workplace.

However, we offer a number of additional services in order to enable our students to succeed with their international projects:

  • If students are interested in languages which are not taught at our institution, we will be glad to use our cooperation schemes with neighbouring institutions to help you find course offers which match their needs.
  • If students would like to attend intensive language courses in their country of destination, we can offer our support in finding suitable course offers and ways to finance them (e.g. EILC courses for ERASMUS student mobility).
  • If students intend to complete language courses at one of our partner universities, we assist with the description of their language skills and the course registration.
  • If students need an individual assessment of their current language skills, we will be glad to conduct individual examinations and provide the students with appropriate statements of achievement free of charge.
  • We also offer individual support with the preparation of application documents in languages other than German.
  • Our self-access language lab offers a wide range of digital resources with individual team support during the opening hours.
  • We will be glad to provide you with additional suggestions for internet-based resources for the improvement of your language skills.

If you would like to establish language tandem connections to other students, please use our Language Tandem Database or contact Jens Andreas Faulstich.

Enjoy the language components of your studies!