Ingrida from Lithuania

Ingrida from Lithuania

Ingrida Adamukaityte from Lithuania

Remagen... It's a nice place to live in and the wonderful place to study at. I have spent here one SOCRATES/ERASMUS semester and now I have one of the most wonderful experience in my life. My first introduction to RheinAhrCampus was when I was searching through the list of partner universities of my home university - Kaunas University of Technology. I was very interested in spending one semester in Remagen, because the studying programs and lots of the subjects are very a like from both universities. After the conversation with professors from Kaunas the preparation began.

And everything was worth it! From the first beginning I was always in contact with the International Office at Remagen. They helped me enormously and really kind in all organization stuff, where the learning agreement, course choice and accommodation were important parts.

On the 12th of July 2004 I have visited Remagen for the first time. I came there with my friend on Saturday afternoon and then Marie Nilsson, a girl from Sweden, showed us the Campus, this beautiful small town Remagen and introduced us to some great students. And we were very lucky, because that day was the last day before the summer holydays! So, afterwards we all went to pool-party in the open air bath next to the university, organized by students, and had a great time there! Later, after three months, I came again. But this time I came to study. At first I have moved into the students dormitory, which was totally new, very modern and with all the equipment that a student might need. The first week was the introduction and organization week. These things we were doing in the mornings and in the afternoons I was going with the other international students from Spain - Sara, Carlos and Pau - to Koblenz, to the intensive German language Course. There we met a lot of other international students from Europe. It was great, when we all were together. Then the lectures began. I had eight of them from both departments of RheinAhrCampus. All of the lecturers were very nice and stimulating, teaching us in a modern way, using Power point presentations, projectors and so on. They all knew how to make students to be interested and motivated to study.

I have also liked the canteen very much. The dining hall is very big and it seems that all of the students always come to have their dinner there. Everything was very tasty there and it was it was also the place of communication. I have even met some students there, who have been in my native country - Lithuania. It was very interesting to discuss about their experiences there. And at the end of the semester we made a 10-days-excursion to Ireland in the course "International Business Simulations" headed by Dr. Borgmann and Mr. Faulstich. There we met a lot of others international students from Spain, Sweden, Belgium, etc. and made a lot of work there. And the end it was very sad to separate one from each other, so the German group agreed in one week after coming back to Germany to have a meeting in Bonn. And guess where... Of course - in Irish Pub!

So, I want to thank to all the people, which I have met in Remagen on RheinAhrCampus. Because of you all, my stay here was just fantastic! I will never forget you!

Best regards from Lithuania!