Exquisite Remagen

Exquisite Remagen

Majd from Jordan, Summer Semester 2017

I arrived to Remagen on the first week of March, when it was still colder, yet not as cold as I expected. And Remagen was more beautiful than I imagined it to be. I loved the houses, the Rhein and the cozy city. I tried living in a huge German city before, like Berlin, but it felt more like home in this tiny city.

It wasn’t that difficult for me to adapt maybe because I have been in Germany twice before and I knew what to expect, however it was still challenging. Living alone, the need to meet new people and form friendships was a challenge. Studying some of the subjects in German was a challenge which I can proudly say that I succeeded in, and it was very beneficial to improve my German language.

Using German was also a challenge, simply because I was surrounded by international students since day one, and we always used English language to communicate. However, I tried as much as possible and asked German students to help me practice, and they were very kind, helpful and patient doing so.

The stay in Remagen and studying in RheinAhrCampus was such a beautiful enriching experience for me, that I enjoyed so much. I enjoyed the positivstes, the challenges, the ups and the downs because they make a perfect combination for the most exquisite experience, but what I enjoyed the most is meeting new people and forming new friendships, which will be with me forever after.