What keeps me at RheinAhrCampus one more semester

What keeps me at RheinAhrCampus one more semester

Gintare from Lithuania, Winter Semester 2010/2011

When I first came to Remagen, my thoughts were „It's such a small place and we are only five exchange students? Can we enjoy ourselves here???“ The answer is obvious. Yes, we can and we did! Let me explain.


In the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, because I couldn’t speak much English and my German wasn’t very good. Now everything is getting much more successful. I'm proud of myself and can’t stop improving in both languages! It’s such a good feeling to sit in a seminar and understand what the lecturer and students are talking about.

ERASMUS family and German friends.

Now I’m so glad that we are just a few exchange students here! We have become a FAMILY, almost always together: in the mensa, at parties, going shopping, in our freetime. We have built real relationships between each other. It’s awesome! And what about German guys? Before I came here, I’ve heard some stories that the Germans are not friendly, especially with foreign people and other more negative stereotypes. I don’t know how this is in other places in Germany, but in Remagen this is not true! Although you must take the first step and start a conversation. But anyway I‘m thankful to all of those who help me having a good time!

Studying at RheinAhrCampus.

Here I had courses both in German and in English, plus a few workshops. The beginning was really hard, I had a lot of work, but I am proud of myself, because I have learnt so much. Working with German people was so productive, they have helped me so much, because to learn in German wasn’t easy. Some of them became also my friends! So, I didn’t waste my time, at the same time I have learnt and made friendships. Auf jeden Fall macht das Studium am RheinAhrCampus Spaß!

I really enjoy myself here at RheinAhrCampus! Languages, studying, Erasmus family and German friends keep me here for one more semester! And I don't want to miss the famous Carnival at the beginning of March and playing volleyball in the summer!