I feel great!

I feel great!

Mark from Hungary, Winter Semester 2011/2012

This semester in Remagen was a great experience for me. In September I moved in a private apartment in the student residency, where I have immediately found some new friends. They helped me to stick both to the German and RheinAhrCampus community as well. Accordingly I have participated in so many amazing German parties and events, like bowling night, sports day, Nicholas night, and so on.

In the last five months, I have undertaken business studies here, where I met with so many new and useful impulses, methods and theories. I particularly enjoyed the courses, which allowed us to test ourselves in new environments. I studied how I can rely on my `colleagues` or student mates. Here at RheinAhrCampus, I experienced what continuous assessment really means, because my exam period was quite relaxed due to learning and writing papers week by week. I have also learned to utilize two different foreign languages at almost the same time. In my view, my German has improved a lot in the recent months, but I know I have to develop a lot to become a fluent speaker.

During my internship at Sprachen/Internationales, I was given the opportunity to use these two languages in real situations. I not just improved my organizational, interpersonal, and technical skills, but I also gained a lot in terms of exact deadlines and sharp decisions. For example, organizing a big multicultural seminar helped me to reevaluate my picture of organized events. Learning Photoshop changed my mind about photography. Creating a brochure helped me to deepen my practical marketing skills. All in all, this opportunity has ensured me a very useful kit for my future career.

Besides my studies and work, I had some free time to travel. Obviously, I have visited the surrounding area quite often, but I also had opportunities to visit Spain and The Netherlands, because there are at least four international airports close by, and there is a wide range of flight choices.

As I said, the whole semester was a huge process of improvement for me. I have broadened my horizon not just with knowledge that you can read in the books, but also with some real life experiences that made this half year indispensable. I feel great.