A Life-Changing Experience

Maya from Jordan, Summer Semester 2023


Tonal connections became clear as I engaged with people from all backgrounds, each with their own set of thoughts and experiences.he choice to embark on a life-changing journey as an exchange student at Koblenz Hochschule in Remagen, Germany, filled my heart with a mix of emotions - joy, hope, and even a hint of worry. Little did I know that this decision would not only expand my academic horizons, but also profoundly shape my personal growth and cultural understanding. From the moment I set foot in Remagen, I felt a deep connection with this place, as if it was my second home. The university's dedication to creating internati


Academically, the University provided a variety of interesting courses that captivated my intellectual interest. The dedicated lecturers, who were acknowledged experts in their industries, provided an interesting learning atmosphere that pushed me to think critically and widen my knowledge base. Small class numbers promoted active involvement and meaningful conversations, allowing me to form relationships with both teachers and peers. The ability to immerse oneself in German culture outside of the classroom was an essential part of my education. Remagen's rich history and attractive scenery offered the ideal setting for exploration and discovery. The local community embraced me with wide arms, fostering cultural interchange and easing my transition into everyday life. From sampling traditional German cuisine to participating in local festivals and events, I embraced every opportunity to delve into the vibrant tapestry of German culture.


One of the most transformational aspects of my exchange program was the opportunity to develop lifelong connections with students from all around the world. We faced the obstacles of adjusting to a new environment together, supporting one other through times of homesickness and sharing our common victories. These ties crossed borders and reminded me of the strength of human connections and friendships.


Reflecting on my time at Koblenz Hochschule, I am overwhelmed with appreciation and personal growth. The experience forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, meet conventional views, and gain a better respect for our world's interdependence. My exchange program knowledge and abilities surely affected my academic and professional trajectory, offering a solid foundation for future commitments.


At last, my student experience at Koblenz Hochschule exceeded my expectations. It was a life-changing experience that allowed me to accept different cultures, develop lifetime friendships, and nurture personal growth. The experiences and lessons learnt will live on in my heart as a daily reminder of the huge importance of foreign education and cultural immersion.