Precious Memory in my Life

Precious Memory in my Life

Jiheon from Korea, Winter Semester 2015/16

I’m Jiheon Oh, from South Korea and I am majoring in Political Science and international relations. I am the one in the pink costume in front. To begin with, I want to say my exchange student’s life in RheinAhrcampus was really good like a dream. I chose Germany for my exchange student’s period because I was really interested in German culture, politics, and also I really like traveling. Therefore, Hochschule Koblenz, RheinAhrcampus was quite a good option for me. However, at the beginning of the semester, I had a difficult time to adapt in a small town, Remagen because I lived in Seoul which is the capital city of Korea and more than 10 million people live in. However, a month later, I realized that I could grow more thanks to Remagen. This is because I had enough time to think about myself and my future. Whenever I got stressed or depressed because of my vague future, I walked along side the Rhine in Remagen. By seeing the peaceful river, I had enough time to organize everything and I learned to relax and think carefully with no hurry, which I could not do in Seoul. So, even if I had a hard time at first, I grew and now I know what I am supposed to do for my future. After all, living in Remagen was another lesson for me.

Second, I want to talk about school life in RheinAhr campus. I usually took classes of Sprachen/International department, which were English courses. Thanks to these classes, I could improve my English and also I could learn other majors little bit; business and logistics. Even if these courses were quite different from those of classes in my major, it was really interesting for me because I could learn how to think differently with different perspectives. In particular, International Business Simulation (IBS) was very interesting and helpful for me in the end. This is a course forming a simulated company and the topic of this semester was helping refugees. Through this course, I learned how to work in a company, and above all, I could think more about the refugee problems nowadays and experience this problem in person by working with real refugees living in Germany. Of course, before taking IBS, I was interested in the refugee problem but it was quite a vague concept for me because it is not an issue in Korea and also it is hard to see real refugees. However, by making a refugee friend and working with them, I could approach the refugee problems with my real experiences, and also, I could make my future dream clearly, which is helping women or children who suffered from war, or bad conditions of their country. Through this course, I could approach my dream one step closer with real experience.

Lastly, I cannot skip to talk about my precious people whom I met in here. In this semester, there were international students coming from various countries, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Azerbaijan, Finland, and Lithuania. In fact, the exchange student community was quite small compared to my home university. However, I think that it is the advantage of studying in RheinAhrCampus, because my friends who were international students of other countries said they could not make a deep relationship with other exchange students because the community was too big. However, I met really good friends here and I cannot imagine after saying goodbye with my precious friend, so I will not forget about all memories in here like Cologne Carnival, Berlin Trip and so on. Moreover, Sprachen/Internationales team gave a lot of help to me, so I want to appreciate their kindness and also want to say thank you to the best mentors, Tatjana, Tanja, and Dennis. In conclusion, I can say that 6 months in Remagen with RheinAhrCampus was really amazing and I am sure that this experience would be the best memory in my life.

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