Staff Training

One important way of internationalising European universities is the option of completing an EU Staff Training in another European country. The potential purposes include

  • exchange of experience
  • professional training
  • international networking

Unlike Teaching Staff Mobility, the Staff Training Programme can be completed by academic staff without teaching duties if the project meets the following requirements:

The stay is hosted by an institution (university or company) in a participating country (most commonly EU member states).

The duration of the intended stay is one to six weeks. The sending institution and the receiving institution negotiate a training programme which is approved by both institutions. This programme must document at least five full working day per week (Monday morning to Friday evening).

If the programme meets these requirements, the following expenses may be reimbursed:

travel expenses (for Germans: according to Landesreisekostengesetz)

costs for accommodation etc. (according to fixed rates; please contact ERASMUS Office for further information).

RAC employees are especially welcome to complete a staff training at one of our partner universities. Staff training plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining positive relations with our partner universities. In addition, staff visits help to internationalise campus life and provide stimulating international encounters to students and staff of our university.

If you have any questions, please contact Team Languages / International Affairs.