Exchange Students

Spending a semester at a university in a foreign country is an adventure that will make a difference to your life. As you experience a new learning environment and a new culture, you will grow personally as well as professionally. Learning a new language or improving existing language skills challenges your mind and opens up new ways of looking at things.

We have lots of experience of hosting exchange students from our partner universities, so we know how to help students to adapt to life at RheinAhrCampus, to settle in and enjoy the semester. Once you have been nominated by your home university, we will keep in touch with you and guide you through every step of your pre-arrival process, including the submission of your registration documents, your course choice and the organisation of your arrival in Remagen. And once you have arrived, we will make sure that you find your way around campus and life in Germany.

RheinAhrCampus offers many advantages to exchange students. At RAC you will share classes with our local students, as we do not put on special courses for exchange students. You will be in the same work groups as our regular students, sharing learning experiences and bringing your knowledge and experience into the group. As a result, you will quickly be integrated into life on campus and be part of what is happening here.

Download our Exchange Student Handbook (PDF) to learn more about RheinAhrCampus and the German lifestyle.

Use our quick guide for a successful ERASMUS+ Application! Please consult our instructions on how to complete the required Erasmus Learning Agreement before completing your application.

Please contact our Team Sprachen/Internationales with any questions that are not fully answered in the Handbook

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