A Journey of Self-improvement and of Self-discovery

A Journey of Self-improvement and of Self-discovery

Mariana from Portugal, Winter Semester 2017/18

Hello everyone! My name is Mariana Silva, and I am currently 21 years old. I have to confess that is so hard for me to be writing this report; because that means that everything is coming to an end. I cannot believe how fast time flies.

First, let’s go back to the beginning; times when I thought that everything was a dream, or that someone would tell me that I would not be able to make it. Thankfully, everything worked out perfectly. The moment I realized that I was going here was when I was in the airport of Porto, passing through security while I was looking to my family, friends and boyfriend. I was so afraid and excited at the same time.

When I arrive here, everything turned out way better than I expected. My landlords were the sweetest persons ever, always trying to help me whenever I needed. The international students were friendly, and at RheinAhrCampus we had the warmest welcoming; thanks to the Sprachen/Internationales office, but especially thanks to Dr. Rajah. She helped me from the beginning, and for that I am extremely thankful.

Honestly, I must confess that the thing that scared me the most was the internship, but as soon as I met the team of Sprachen/Internationales all the fear went away. During my internship I learned amazing things. I planned a trip to all the international students to Brussels, although I thought I could not make it. I was in charge of the logistics’ department of the Managing Cultural Diversity; the best seminar I have ever been. Those tasks were stressful but thanks to that I have improved a lot. I also discovered my new passion, bigger than translation and languages. I have discovered that I love the world of business and management. I realized that I love to organize things, plan and make things happen. I always will be grateful with the office, because only thanks to the internship I have found this passion.

Outside the internship, I have learned a lot too. The classes that I had were extremely good, full of content that made me reflect and improve both in an academically and personally. Thanks to International Business Simulations, lecturer by Dr. Borgmann I have learned how to behave in a company. Thanks to that course, I also had one of the best trips ever, where I learned the value of helping society. It was a big lesson for me, that made me grow up a lot. Then, in Intercultural Communication I learned amazing things about culture, which made me deeply aware of my surroundings. One of my favorite courses was also my Spanish classes, where I was learning Spanish as well as culture and news about our surroundings. It made me curious and aware of what was happening around the world. All of these courses made me go out of the box and see the world around with another perspective.

Between the lectures and the internship, I have also had time to travel which made me also grow up and meet new cultures. With only two countries in my record of trips before coming here; it increased for eight countries in total. Germany is one of the luckiest countries ever, since it is precisely the heart of Europe, which means that everything is closer and cheaper. Travelling also shaped me, since now I know that I am calmer and quicker while solving problems.

In the end, I just want to thank to the Sprachen(Internationales for all they did for me. They have made me a better professional without any doubt, and for that I will always be very grateful. Also, I have made friends for life, from all around the world. I lived amazing adventures with them, and I gained a new perspective; something that makes me realize and understand things not only for my point of view but from theirs. I also know that I will miss Remagen, as well as how independent I felt by being able to go anywhere by bike, without worrying with the cars. It was like having my own car!

I will not say goodbye to Remagen, but instead a see you soon. It has become my other home, where I have thousands of stories all around the city. Also, I will never forget the best cappuccinos at Mensa!

Thank you so much to everyone that made this opportunity possible, and who made part of it!