First Exchange Student from Azerbaijan

First Exchange Student from Azerbaijan

Asif from Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2015/16

Hallo zusammen!

I'm a DAAD Stipendium student in RheinAhrCampus, studying Logistics and E-Business and come from Baku, Azerbaijan. Referring to the Winter Semester of 2015/16 I spent in RheinAhrCampus, I would love to share a few experiences:

I came to Germany on September 22, when it was 30 degree in Baku, but 10 degrees in Remagen. The first impression about Remagen was that it was a silent place. But day by day this silence is more comforting to me. Remagen is a very safe place. You can walk at night at any time you want and the city and the atmosphere are very nice. People are also very calm and helpful. Remagen is historical, calm, safe and is a nice place where you can get experience. Moreover, it is in middle of Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz. Just one information: You can find cheap flight tickets from Bonn/Cologne airport to go to lots of different destinations.

In the Sprachen / Internationales team, each and every person is important. Dr. Laurence Borgmann taught us lots of new skills about intercultural behavior and it will definitely help us for our future. Barbara, Andreas, and Rashimah would always assist us kindly and help us with all the details. Student assistants Tatjana, Tanja, and Dennis also spent a lot of their time with us to show us Remagen and the places around.

Most of all I will miss the other exchange students, different people from different countries: Portugal, Spain, Jordan, South Korea, Brazil, Lithuania and me from Azerbaijan. All of us were from different cultural backgrounds and it was really nice to spend time together to exchange lots of experiences. Also, I made lots of German friends and spent time together with them. Especially Tobias, my German friend, who invited me to his house and we cooked lots of German dishes. Sarah invited me to her house for Christmas where we met a local German family and experienced how they celebrate traditional Christmas.

Also I was doing some events here as International Café, International Football, Waffle event and some other stuff for Sprachen / Internationales, aimed to help the refugees in Remagen. I am really enjoying my time in Remagen and wish to have a better semester in Summer!