Invaluable six-month experience

Murad from Azerbaijan, Summer Semester 2021

Hi! My name is Mir Murad Sadikhov, I am 30 years old and I am an exchange student from Azerbaijan. I must say that I did not expect at all that one day I could visit Germany. For this, I am grateful, firstly, to myself and my ability to communicate in English. This is about how, being in Azerbaijan, I was able to earn the trust from the Sprachen/Internationales Department of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Remagen and in the end, get this invaluable six-month experience.
I left my home country on March 3rd together with my classmate from the University of Azerbaijan. After three transfers, we reached the Cologne Airport in Germany. Here, we had to wait a day to do a Covid test, since we arrived at night and the laboratory was closed. I did not move to Remagen immediately and lived with another friend in Wesseling for about a month. I arrived at an inconvenient time for everyone, during the global Covid19 pandemic. The technical problems that suddenly arose with my computer puzzled me even more, since it was not easy to go to the store and buy the necessary equipment at any convenient time, due to the restrictive anti-Covid measures in the country. I draw your attention to the fact that everyone has had and will have difficulties but I just decided to describe them in detail and objectively to focus your attention on the fact that there will be challenges that will make you stronger and that you can learn from a lot.
I visited a few cities in Germany, and most of all I liked nature. Of course, ancient castles are also fabulously beautiful and interesting for me as a former guide, but when you are traveling by train and there is always picturesque nature around-meadows, forests, the charming Rhine River, and forest mountain ranges, you realize that no matter how much you photograph this beauty, it will not be enough. I had fun in Cologne and Bonn because I love big cities, where the impressive architecture of the Middle Ages and a merry party around can appear so spontaneously. The whole picture could not leave the eyes unpleasant. But in addition to the driving turmoil, I am also a person who just enjoys calmness. Therefore, Remagen was a wonderful place for walking, picnics, and relaxed life. I met many diverse people there - some of them were very cold, and some with an open soul. In general I liked the local people for their straightforwardness. I even managed to make friends with a representative of a slightly older generation, and we willingly discussed the global agenda while drinking coffee on the banks of the Rhine. As a director with a broad worldview and as a true patriot of his country, he told me a lot of interesting things about Germany and the local life.
The quality of the lessons for me was unconventional. Teachers, most of all, liked to discuss and give free will to students to express themselves. This initiative is typical of all European universities and I am thankful to you, RheinAhrCampus, for the trust and for the opportunity to improve myself. After this exchange, I expanded my knowledge in Marketing, improved my English, and laid the foundation for learning a new language - German.