A Lovely Challenge

A Lovely Challenge

Chaeeun from Korea, Winter Semester 2017/18

My life in Remagen is a 'challenge'. I had to leave Korea and do things I never done before. At first it was hard for me, but then I got used to it. This lovely city became familiar and every day became precious. The happy exchange life began. Remagen may seem small, but it is a city full of kind people and peace. If someone asks me if I love this city, I will say ‘Yes’. Walking along the Rhine and looking at the cityscape is one of the most precious memories.

The Rheinahrcampus is small but has everything in it. I was surprised that it was not big, but I was able to meet my friends more often and to use the school facilities more easily. There is a library with many books, PC rooms, and a student cafeteria. I was able to spend time in school easily and I could have many opportunities to learn German and attend English courses. Especially, the team project I did with German students was interesting. I learned so much about Germany and I was able to build good relationships with them. They gave me a lot of information to enjoy Germany.

I could also participate in various programs run by school, such as student party and excursion. The most memorable was the moment when I went up to the Cologne Cathedral with our exchange students. There was a beautiful scenery and everyone was able to have a good time. I strongly recommend that students who come to Remagen participate in all programs as much as possible. It will be a great help to get used to life here.

I cannot believe that the semester is over already. The time here was just like a dream to me. I have attended many events such as wine festival, trips to Belgium, and trips to German small cities. I am proud of myself that I have successfully completed the semester. It was one of the best choices to come here. I would like to recommend it to everyone to get off the frog in a well and go to a new place. New culture and language may seem like a huge wall, but at some point I was enjoying it.