The Best Decision of My Life

Cristina from Spain, Winter Semester 2022/2023


My name is Cristina Martínez Roldán. I come from Spain, specifically from Malaga; a city located in the south of the country. I am 23 years old and I study Labour Relations an Human Resources at the University of Malaga (UMA). Since I started my university studies, I have always had in mind the idea of doing an international mobility, but I never dared to do it. Until last year, when I decided to apply for it at my home university. It was quite a long and costly process, as I had to take into account many factors at both my home and host universities.

Finally, my own university assigned me the destination and it was Germany. My first reaction was quite good, because it was the first country I had visited when I was three years old, and that made me feel a certain affection and a desire to return. The thing is, I thought I would be assigned to a bigger or more cosmopolitan city. I don't know why, but I had this idea in my head and with it, considerable expectations. However, it turned out to be Remagen. I call it "my little town in Germany". My experience at the RheinAhrCampus academically speaking has been incredible. At the beginning I found it difficult to adapt, but as time went by, I got more and more used to the educational system and its conditions. In fact, I liked it.

As you know, comparisons are odious but inevitable at the same time. In my opinion, Spain has to envy the education system in Germany. Here the classes are more real and practical. They are very much focused on your future job, the world of work and everything that awaits us inexperienced young people like us out there. On the other hand, my improvement in English and my introduction to German. That was a challenge for me and I think I have more than coped with it. I would like to improve my pronunciation in both languages; it is very noticeable that I am Spanish. As for the Campus facilities, I would give them a ten, clearly. Also, one of my advantages is that I have been living in the new dormitory building literally next to the university. If I had to put a "flaw" in my experience here, it would undoubtedly be that Remagen is far away from almost everything and does not have much life for young people and students. Otherwise, all my respects. Thanks to the whole RheinAhrCampus team for being so competent and for trusting students like us.

See you!