Amazing RheinAhrCampus

Amazing RheinAhrCampus

Mohammad from Jordan, Winter Semester 2012/2013

When we were accepted at RheinAhrCampus before we came to Germany I knew that it's going to be a good experience but I never thought that it would improve my experience the way it did. What's great at RheinAhrCampus is that you feel that you are in an international environment, where it's easy to communicate with people and find people to help you with whatever you need.

When we arrived here, there was a student to pick us up from the train station which I know most people in other universities didn’t get. After a week the team at Languages / International Affairs offered us bikes to help us moving around Remagen, the help you get from the team is just amazing.

From the courses to travelling to the semester ticket that got us to all the cities around Remagen and that allowed us to go to the other side of the Rhein River which is all around Remagen, the semester ticket also offered us using public transportation in Bonn and Cologne.

We surely improved our German language with the courses that were offered to us by the team. We also improved our cultural understanding by attending a seminar called Managing Cultural Diversity, we improved our chances of getting a job in the future by attending the International Business Simulations course where you work in a virtual company depending on what is your major and get to know how to develop a personal portfolio that will help you in getting a job in the future.

We surely wanted to give back to the community of Remagen - which was so welcoming and very helpful that you felt you are in your own town – by volunteering in the pet shelter of Remagen and helping them twice a week by cleaning the kennels of cats and dogs or walking the dogs and organizing the store.

The team at Languages / International Affairs always wanted to give us more knowledge and fun; they took us to Christmas markets in the cities around Remagen, took us to see wonderful museums about the history of Germany after the Second World War, and took us on trips to several cities.

The Jordanian students are required to do an internship in companies in Germany, and as always the team helped us through Ms Korpp, a member of the team and lecturer who did a German course, made us practice internship interviews and made sure our documents met German standards.

In the end I really encourage you if you are doing your exchange semester to do it in RheinAhrCampus as I'm sure it will be an amazing experience that you will never forget.