A great experience, more than I imagined

Berra from Turkey, Winter Semester 2023/2024

Hallo Leute!

This is Berra from İstanbul. I am in Germany for 3,5 months today. It sounds less in number however it feels more for the experiences and what it taught. Before I came to Germany, I was in the time of my life when a solid change was necessary, and I attended to Erasmus. I was planning it in previous years also, but I couldn’t do it, I am sure because this is the right time. Honestly, it is the best decision of my life so far, I learnt more than I could imagine. I was surprised to see how people from another side of the world have that many differences culturally, but we have too many in common. I learned too much about cultures for sure, but also about life. I feel more competent and independent now.

I had many challenges in Germany, they really improved my problem-solving skills. As I can never improve without experience. Consequently, I feel more confident about myself and future challenges. I could find a home and shifted, experienced living alone and far from home for the first time, I missed my family and cat. It was also a great opportunity to have people around who are also experiencing the same things at the same time. It is interesting to watch everyone reacting different to same situations, everyone is finding themselves in different ways. Friends supported me a lot, so Selsela and Annette did.

As academically, because of having presentation tasks given in different times and topics, I can see the improvement of my presentation skills. I was so shy at the beginning but my last presentation in the class of John Whiteoak and the feedback encouraged me a lot. I believe anything is possible for improvement by facing it. I am hopeful about the future.

Getting out of the comfort zone brought all these outcomes. I am glad to be able to make this decision and change my perspective by learning about life and improving crucial skills. I can recommend this decision to those who want to be a better version of themself.

Remagen is a cute little town helps to adapt to German culture. Also close to big cities which makes it a good location for those who are used to noise, and vitality like me. What I liked about Germany the most, there are always new snacks to try and various of delicious bakery products. Almost forgetting, knocking on the table is so cool :) ciao ciao!

Mit freundlichen Grüße,