Exploring Germany fully

Minju from South Korea, Winter Semester 2023/2024


Hello. I’m Minju Kim from South Korea. Thanks for exchange semester in Germany, I could explore many cities in Germany. The travelling made me love Germany much more than before I came here.

Hamburg & Lübeck

I traveled Hamburg and Lübeck first in Germany. The beautiful structures attracted me a lot and sunny weather let me enjoy much more beautiful landscape there.

Würzburg & Bamberg

In Würzburg, I could see the beautiful palace. Because I did not expect to see such a huge and nice-looking palace, I was surprised and took a lot of pictures to remember the palace. The peaceful atmosphere of the old town was great. The cute design of structures and pretty street landscape made me stop and took pictures while walking.


The city that I visited the most during this semester is Cologne. I went there for a field trip, transferring, shopping, eating Korean dishes and traveling with my family. The stained glass in the cathedral, the field trip with Borgmann and the pizza we ate on the grass are still impressive for me.

Berlin & Dresden

Berlin was the city that I really wanted to visit because it is the capital city of Germany. As I expected, the structures including dome and palace were so beautiful and it was pleasure for me to know deeply about the history of Germany. The Christmas market in Dresden was extremely beautiful. I'll never forget the moment that I looked down at the Christmas market scenery through the Ferris wheel.

I also visited many other cities, and all these cities gave me happy memories in Germany. Thanks to everyone who helped me to have those valuable experiences.