Nächste Haltestelle: Remagen

Maria from Jordan, Summer Semester 2022


My name is Maria Dababneh and I’m an exchange student from Jordan, a small country in the middle east.

I was told that I have to talk about my experience at Hochschule Koblenz and living in Remagen for a semester and I honestly don’t know where to start. I remember the first day I arrived in Germany as if it was yesterday. I wouldn’t have gotten through that day without the help of Lorena, a previous exchange student who was nice enough to pick us up from the airport and let me stay the night at her place since I couldn’t receive the keys to my apartment that day.

So, after my four and a half hours flight that also got delayed for two hours and 3 train rides I was finally in Remagen. The first couple of weeks were super hectic; opening a bank account, registering in the Rathaus, buying groceries and appliances for the apartment, getting used to the transportation system and much more. Building a new life in a new country away from my family and friends and getting used to this new lifestyle was challenging but it got easier day by day. People in Remagen are friendly and super helpful I somehow felt like I’m home although I’m thousands of miles away from what I call my home. I got the chance to go on a lot of excursions and there I got to know amazing people from all around the world who I can now call my friends. Although Remagen is a small town but you’ll be surprized of how beautiful it is and what makes it more beautiful is that it’s right on the Rhein. My favourite part of it is the Rhein. watching the sunset on the Rhein is definitely mesmerizing and something worth seeing. And just when you feel slightly bored and feel like doing something fun you can easily catch a train to Bonn, Cologne or Koblenz.

I’m really thankful for this experience with its ups and downs, it made me appreciate everything and not take anything for granted, and I’m looking forward for the next chapter in my life.