Unforgettable experience in my life

Magda from Georgia, Summer Semester 2020

Hello, I am Magda from Georgia and in this blog I would like to share with you my exchange experience at RheinAhrCamous in Remagen, Germany, where I spent the summer semester 2020.

It was an excellent experience for me to explore new culture, challenges, get to know new people. But to be honest, at the very beginning of the semester everything was not so satisfying due to the current pandemic situation at that time, it seemed more difficult to adapt to the new environment especially when you stay at home most of the time. After that I made a lot of exchange friends and spending time with them was very enjoyable. Getting to know people from countries like Azerbaijan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Jordan, Brazil, Albania was very nice and I can say that it grew me up personally. Also the relationship with these people brought me closer to the culture of their countries that is really interesting.

Educational system, teaching methods and offered courses were totally different from my home university. Nevertheless, I easily adapted to it and the experience gained is sure to have an enhance on my professional growth. Of course, there were gaps or difficulties in zoom lectures but E-learning was quite comfortable for me and the university also tried its best to help the students, all the materials I needed were available online.

I would also like to say, that I had a stereotype before coming to Germany that Germans are cold people that they do not go showing themselves happy or they are reserved with their feelings, hence I thought it would be difficult to adapt in such an environment however this stereotype remained stereotypical and did not turn out to be true. In Germany I spent almost six months in a very warm and comfortable environment where I made a lot of German friends.

When I was told that I was selected as an exchange student, I had a lot of thoughts about what I would do there. One of the things that fascinated me the most was the idea of ​​traveling. I was able to travel to several places. I visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam, France: Strasbourg and Paris. I want to mention the Louvre, Eiffel and Versailles that really impressed me, I also visited the Black Forest's beautiful nature in Germany with my friends where I spent some memorable days. The months spent in Germany were truly unforgettable for me both in terms of development as well as the experience and people I acquired. I can say that even the best moment of my life: Summer Semester 2020 at RheinAhrCampus.