A Completely Unique Experience

Yousef from Jordan, Winter Semester 2021/2022


My name is Yousef, and I am from Jordan.
For as long as I can remember, I have never been to any country besides Saudi Arabia and my home country Jordan. Except for that one time when I traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a week. It was my first time ever traveling for a vacation, and it was one of the world’s top hotspots for a vacation. Ever since I have fallen in love with traveling. I knew that traveling could be the best thing I can experience.

I have been very excited about meeting new people, experiencing and learning about new cultures, and most of all, being independent. I wasn’t that nervous before I came to Germany because I knew I was going to handle it just well in a short time. When I first arrived at Düsseldorf International Airport, I had no idea how to navigate and move around. I had to ask tons of people to guide me to my designated trains.

When I arrived at the Remagen Station, another student, my Buddy, and Selsela welcomed me with their wide smiles, it instantly made me feel right in my (new) home. I was so excited to discover the area and meet new people. Even though we had to attend the two-week orientation program almost completely online, it was still super fun as I got to see and converse with all the other students. It was so amazing when we were taken to a restaurant near the Rhine River and all of us sat together while we talked and ate. I was taking every chance I got to engage in a conversation with any of the other students sitting beside me. All the excursions we went on were amazing, I have made a ton of unforgettable memories with unforgettable people.

I believe that Remagen is such a good spot for a semester or two. The city itself is very pretty with all its vegetation and the river, and it’s near two, really nice cities, Bonn and Cologne which are very easy to reach from Remagen, so that’s a massive bonus. The Sprachen/Internationales staff were so welcoming and made everything so much easier and I thank them for that and for everything they have done to have given me such a good experience.

This was one of the best periods of my life and I express my gratitude to everyone who made it possible. I am so thankful and I would definitely recommend any student thinking about doing a semester in Germany to check out RheinAhrCampus.