10 Things I like about RheinAhrCampus

10 Things I like about RheinAhrCampus

Marina Gordeeva from Bulgaria, Summer Semester 2009

Hello! My name is Marina Gordeeva and I come from Bulgaria. I chose to do an Erasmus semester at RheinAhrCampus (RAC), because this was the only opportunity to study Sports Management.

10 Things I like about RheinAhrCampus

1. Department of Languages / International Affairs

The people there work for you - they do their best to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible. Your questions can never be too much and the help is not limited only to the educational issues but covers all spheres of life.
My story: When we arrived Mr. Faulstich gave us a private ride to the Health Insurance Office located in another town so we could put all our documents in order.

2. The Location

Remagen is located very strategically: Approximately 30 min away from Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz. The closest airport (Cologne/Bonn) is just 40 min away. Also situated in the region are the airports Frankfurt-Hahn and Duesseldorf, where low cost companies operate. For those who love to travel they offer a huge variety of cheep flights to any destination in Europe. Another plus is that Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and France are less than 150 km away.
My story: I made "low-cost" trips to Brussels, London, Nordsee in the Netherlands, Berlin and many other cities in Germany.

3. The Projects and Presentations

The studying process at RAC is organized in such a way that you don't have to read and memorize tons of pages to pass your exams. Much better - there are many practical classes, where you work on a project, which prepares you for your "life after school". Instead of writing an exam, you often have to hold a presentation, which improves your soft skills and helps you to be more confident in your future job activities.
My story: My team and I worked on a project about gaining volunteers for a junior sports organization in the region.

4. The Sports Opportunities

Remagen is a real paradise for those who are interested in sports. Right next to the campus there is a giant outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a stadium with tracks and, most beloved, the Multi Beach Court where you can enjoy the sunny weather playing beach volleyball while getting to know the other players.
My story: From a swimmer I turned into a volleyball player just because there is always so much fun on the beach court. Furthermore, together with my favourite German and Polish team-mates I had a great time at a volleyball tournament, organized at RAC.

5. The Intercultural Environment

Do you know how to say "Cheers" in Swedish, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, French, Bulgarian or ... more than 10 other languages? This and lots more about different cultures and languages you can learn only if you take the risk and go abroad. RAC with its intercultural milieu offers you the opportunity to learn even more about different people than you could possibly imagine.
My story: The best way to become an expert in Latin dances is to learn them from a real Ecuadorian or in other words - one of my colleagues and very good friend at RAC.

6. The Courses

As an Erasmus student you can choose from all courses which RAC offers. Most of them are in German, but there are enough courses in English, too. All professors are extremely kind and open to any questions or requests.
My story: The professor who led the Intercultural Communications course was even more excited than I, when I offered to do a presentation about Bulgaria.

7. The Parties

The most famous bar in Remagen is Los Locos. In Bonn and Cologne, which are just half an hour away, there are lots of bars and clubs, but the best offers are in Koblenz - just ask the other students! If you are not fond of the night life, there are always nice quiet evenings around the BBQ (the so-called "Grillen").
My story: Well, after the first two months I just lost count of the parties I attended... :-)

8. The Friendships

Although it takes longer than usual to make friends with Germans, these are actually the friendships that will last.
My story: Learning together in supportive groups, being invited to nice German dinners, doing sports together, parties and a lot more - the friends I found here made feel at home!

9. The Town

Remagen is a relaxed and quiet town in comparison to the busy and noisy cities. It offers a wonderful atmosphere to devote your attention to gaining new knowledge.
My story: The most wonderful thing is the walk at sunset along the river Rhine, watching the boats go by and enjoying the beautiful nature.

10. Germans

Germans are very helpful and love to organize events ... so there is no chance to get bored in Remagen!
My story: Just ask about the Botellón!