Unforgettable Experience

Unforgettable Experience

Kareem from Jordan, Winter Semester 2017/18

Greetings everyone! My name is Kareem and I am an exchange student from Jordan, ever since I got to Remagen I felt blessed and always had this feeling that I just crossed paths with one of the most amazing experiences that I shall always think back at and smile.

Since day one I was welcomed with nice smiles and wonderful people that were more than willing to help which proved to me that the stereotypes were never so wrong. Throughout these 5 months I met a lot of amazing people from all over the world with different perspectives, ideas and cultures and definitely got to know new cultures and countries more than just names and flags. And during this semester I made life long friendships and moments that will forever remain.

This was the first time for me living alone but It never felt like it because of the people around me and every day is a new day with new things to do even though Remagen doesn’t have a lot of fun sources, this changed my mentality of always going to the fun but why not bring the fun. Remagen is a quiet small town which I wasn’t used to because of living in the city with loud car noises and polluted air so this was like a 5 month of a peaceful resort, also Remagen is located near a lot of great cities like Bonn, Cologne and Koblenz that have great events and these cities were easy to access with the semester ticket.

Ever since I was a kid I had the dream to travel the world and I never traveled this much before and its really possible with this semester; Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands were around 2-hour drive from Remagen and there are buses that go on trips to other places that are even farther.

Sprachen Internationales were really amazingly helpful with everything, providing guidance and tips for our stay, and of course for the excursions that were well planned and a lot of fun.

I remember from the first week of the semester I had the idea that the comfort zone isn’t so bad but now that the semester ended I changed a lot, and I can’t emphasize more on taking risks and opportunities because regret is the wet sock you get from not picking up the bit of ice cubes that fell on the kitchen floor 15 minutes ago. However never regret anything; if its good then its wonderful. If it’s bad, then it’s an experience. And I will for sure miss my friends in Remagen that I share a lot of marvelous memories with.