Latest News / Updates

Our latest news and updates about activities regarding exchange students and the international department can be found on our Facebook page. Below are some snippets of some events, but are not exhaustive. Please visit our Facebook page and 'Like' it for interesting updates!

Farewell BBQ for Summer Semester 2015

The summer semester went by a little too quickly! We had exchange students from Australia, Eriteria, Croatia, Jordan, Finland, Lithuania, and Pakistan. The exchange students had a farewell BBQ in the lovely weather with some of the friends they made in RheinAhrCampus. Some of them decided to stay for an additional semester so it's not Goodbye yet!

Hike in the Sun

The region around RheinAhrCampus is wonderful for hiking and wine walks, and our exchange students took the opportunity to hike in the sun! Also in this picture are local German students - some new friends that exchange students have made.

Free Waffles Day!

The summer is here and it is a good day to have waffles! In trying to relieve a little stress from the exam week, our exchange students organized free waffles to be given out to students of RheinAhrCampus.

Exchange Student from Spain in the News

Our exchange student from Spain, Javier, became famous in the news for being so well-integrated in Germany. Within the first week of arriving in Germany, he joined a local orchestra, and recently played in a wonderful Christmas Concert.

Colourful event at Managing Cultural Diversity 2014

We had a very international turnout during our seminar "Managing Cultural Diversity", with participants from 19 nationalities!

Goodbye Exchange Students

Our summer semester 2014 exchange students, from our partner universities Lahti UAS in Finland and Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, Gia, Kristina, Simas, Giedre and Anh, have returned home.

We wish them a sucessful study period at their home universities.

Letters from our Alumni

We keep getting mails from our alumni with their success stories written up in the local papers.

Here is another example from Australia. Lucy is still missed here but of course we are very proud of her achievements and happy that we were able to help her along a bit.

 Opportunity strikes for Lucy

International Evening

Last week the university celebrated an evening of diversity with lots of students from different nationalities with music, dance and food.

It was the last event this year in a series of events presenting RheinAhrCampus as a place of multi-national and multi-cultural living and learning.