Exchange Students English Programme (Certificate)

RheinAhrCampus offers a number of courses in English. They are part of our regular course programme and open to all exchange students. The courses provide students with the theoretical background and practical experience to work effectively in an international context.

A Certificate in International Business and Communication is awarded to exchange students who successfully complete the programme. A list of the courses under the Programme is available below.

For more information, please contact

Rashimah Rajah


The preliminary course catalogue for Winter Semester 2019/20 is available here:

Courses in English Winter 2019/20

The courses in the Certificate Programme are regular courses open to all RheinAhrCampus students. They have not been set up specifically for exchange students. The course descriptions above are for general information only. The legally binding course descriptions are published by the faculties in charge.


The catalogue of regular courses is available here:

Gaining International Competence: Programme of Courses in English

Catalogue of Classes Taught in German

Are your German language skills sufficient for tackling classes in German? If this is the case, please check out our course descriptions for classes taught in German:

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics and Technology