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GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus Press Conference 2021

GreenMap - your local guide to sustainability!

GreenErasmus on the Global Neighbourhood Day in Remagen

About Us


With the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the Erasmus Program, students from more than 10 different countries came together to create GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus - the pioneering GreenErasmus Company in Remagen, Germany. Together, we DEVELOP new green sustainable practices, EXCHANGE them with partner universities, and, therefore, EMPOWER students worldwide to live and act sustainably.



Exchange for a green future!

Our Vision


Develop and exchange green practices worldwide to raise environmental awareness among students and guide universities to eco-friendly alternatives.

Our Impact


By providing Erasmus students worldwide with our knowledge about sustainable development and green alternatives for everyday life, we reduce the carbon footprint of the Erasmus Program.  

Our Sustainable Solutions



The GreenMap is the first sustainable product developed by our international team of GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus. With the creation of the GreenMap, we have started a new sustainable practice. Our purpose now is to share it with all our partner universities worldwide, so every Erasmus student can find GreenPlaces in their new hometown. Our international student team has already created GreenMaps of Remagen, Baku, Tbilisi, and Campina Grande.


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The GreenChallenge Program is about challenging daily habits and practicing new healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. More than 75 participants from around 15 different countries and cultures took part in the 7-day GreenChallenge Program. Together, we raised our awareness for sustainability and learned new green habits such as a vegetarian diet, plastic-free shopping, and tech-free activities. The GreenChallenge Program was initiated and attended by students from RheinAhrCampus in Germany, Pondicherry University in India, Campina Grande University in Brazil, Tirana University in Albania, Business and Technology University in Georgia, and Baku Engineering University in Azerbaijan.


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We are in the Local Press

GreenErasmus Student Experience

Aytaj from Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan: 

No plane required – my journey into GreenErasmus

Kaaviya from Pondicherry University, India: 

Swap instead of shop – getting ready for winter with GreenErasmus

Steph from Brock University, Canada: 

Coming together in Remagen: World Clean Up Day and GreenErasmus Clothes Swap

Salome & Ani from Business and Technology University, Georgia: 

Green Life with GreenMap of Tbilisi 

Sabarinathan from Pondicherry University, India: 

Exotic Adventures with my travel companion - Bicycle

Ariana from Tirana University, Albania: 

My Experience with GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus Project

Pravesh from Pondicherry University, India: 

GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus Clothes Swap in Remagen

Kofi from Brock University, Canada & Kalvin from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia:

A bike tour to remember: A day bike trip to the towns circled around Remagen 


Project & Website coordinator: Dr. Laurent Borgmann