University of Applied Sciences in Northern Rhineland Palatinate

The town of Remagen on the river Rhine lies close to the Ahr valley, to the Eifel countryside, to Bonn, the former capital of Germany and Cologne or Koblenz to the south. Once a Celtic-Roman settlement ‘Rigomagus’, Remagen became a university town in 1998.

The newly established RheinAhrCampus is located on the Golden Mile, close to the famous Remagen Bridge. Besides Koblenz and Höhr-Grenzhausen, it is the third site of the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.

The exterior of the campus complex is characterised by the two main wings, forming its sides, and the connecting buildings for the student cafeteria, the assembly hall and the computer centre. The highlight of the complex is the library, a circular building with a panoramic view of the river Rhine. Together with two language laboratories, the video laboratory and the computer centre, it forms the media centre.