Language Tandem Database

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The idea for this database was the result of a student project aiming to promote the use of language tandem schemes for student mobility projects. The main pillar of the concept is bringing native speakers of different languages together in order to enable them to share and learn. The initial student blog demonstrated that we can provide users with an ideal match for their linguistic needs. We have therefore decided to integrate a similar structure into our website.

If you are worried about privacy issues around the use of online forms, you may also contact us directly and volunteer to get involved!

Please note that this form is moderated. Your posts will only be approved if they 

  • contain a complete name (not to be published) and a campus email address
  • look serious
  • suggest what language skills you can offer and what language you intend to learn.

Current Language Tandem Proposals

First Name


Native Language





I need to speak more German I will be glad to help a tandem partner improve his Arabic skills (or French).




I studied Chinese studies (and language) at university and I am writing my Ph.D. on a China related topic and would like to keep practising my oral Chinese. I can offer support in German.



Hindi (other language proficiency: English)

Want to improve your English communication skills? Would like to also learn Hindi? Ready to offer your German communication skills? If your answer to at least 2 of these questions is yes, then you are at right place. I am studying Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at HS Darmstadt, and currently doing an Internship in Koblenz. Meeting online for language sessions would be okay for me, but I would prefer a face to face communication.




Hello, I am currently studying my master Logistik und E-Business at RheinAhrCampus. Based in Koblenz. I would like to find a German native speaker as my tandem partner. I hope that I could improve my German skills, including presentations and writing a essay. It would also be great, if you can provide any tipps on how to prepare the exams.


If one of the offers sounds interesting or if you would like to post your own proposal, please contact the moderator.