Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

One unique feature about RheinAhrCampus Remagen is its outstanding standard of technological equipment available in a wide range of research laboratories. High-tech equipment for many applications, e.g. magnetic resonance tomography and computer tomography, projection x-ray, ultrasonic and endoscopic diagnostics, material analysis, laser spectroscopy, thermography and image processing, can be found on campus. All of these facilities are utilized for research and teaching.

Communication and video laboratory

Our campus is fitted with a communication and video lab with a number of digital video cameras. Extra equipment like tripods, microphones etc. allow professional production of video tapes. These facilities are used for teaching (e.g. communication skills trainings with video documentation and individual feedback), for the documentation of special events on campus and for a wide range of student activities in conjunction with the courses offered on campus.

Language laboratories

If you are interested in learning German, English, Spanish, French or Italian, you can find a number of software products on the language lab computers. In addition, several CD-ROMs are available. The interactive CALL software is available at a wide range of levels. Student support during the opening hours is provided to ensure that each user finds the software that best meets his/her requirements. If further information is required, please contact our team.

In March 2003, the second modern language lab was opened. This is mainly used for interactive language teaching. Internet resources and digital materials are often used for language classes to bring business reality into the classroom and to provide a learning environment that is attractive, challenging and always up to date.