Languages - English M-T

Languages - Faculty of Mathematics and Technology

Module Title: Languages (English)

Module Coordinator: Jens Andreas Faulstich M.A.

General Information

Lecture (2 hrs/week) plus seminar (2 hrs/week)
4 ECTS credits

Contact hours: 60 hrs
Individual study: 60 hrs
Prerequisites: n/a

The linguistic skills that graduates of engineering and mathematic degree courses are expected to offer to their future employers are mostly linked to their professional fields of activity. Conducting work-related telephone conversations, discussing with international colleagues and clients in face-to-face contexts and giving presentations in English are standard situations where strong oral communication skills are indispensable.

The development of skills and competencies in the context of this module must be accompanied by an introduction to the techniques required for their independent development. Only in a process of lifelong learning can employees in leadership positions continue to comply with changing demands and requirements. Independent learning processes are therefore an integral part of the linguistic preparation of employees for the workplace and must be supported (e.g. by the independent use of CALL software in language lab environments).

The importance of these competencies is obvious not only for employees of big companies, but also - and increasingly - for those of small to medium-sized enterprises with their lower accuracy of task sharing and their lower degree of specialisation at leadership level.  After completing this module, students should be able to structure, argue and present a case convincingly international business environments.

In various units the following communicative skills are focused on:

  • presenting to international audiences
  • keeping track in cross-cultural meetings
  • creating a favourable impression in e-mails
  • handling unexpected phone calls
  • getting people to do things for you
  • opening, closing and fuelling conversation
  • querying and clarifying points under discussion
  • making and reporting decisions
  • coping when things go wrong while away on business
  • applying and resisting pressure in negotiations

Course Organisation
Lecture and seminar

Generic skills imparted

  • Teamwork skills, presentation techniques, logical analysis of complex concepts.
  • Considerate use of new media

Assessed Work
Continuous assessment is conducted in both lecture and seminar. It may include written (academic papers, essay, written exams and tests) and oral (presentations, simulations) components (graded examination).

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